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Academic Research Technologies

Academic Research Technologies (ART) provides support, consultations, and limited training for statistical, QDA, and online survey applications that are available to Loyola students, faculty, and staff on open-access computing lab and office desktops. To learn more about the availability and support for each application, click on the name of the application below.

HLM* |IBM SPSS Modeler | IBM SPSS StatisticsLisrel*MinitabQSR NVivo

QualtricsR | R Studio | SAS Stata IC | SYSTAT

Drop-in and Consultations for NVivo, Statistical Applications, and Qualtrics Advising

ART provides students online drop-in support for basic, how-to questions regarding statistical applications, NVivo, and Qualtrics. No appointment is necessary but assistance is first-come, first-served. The current schedule is posted below. Adviser support for the most commonly-used packages, e.g., IBM SPSS Statistics, Minitab, SAS, SYSTAT, is more comprehensive than support for less frequently used applications, e.g., IBM SPSS Modeler, R, Stata. Currently there is no drop-in support for HLM or Lisrel.

Online consultations for specific types of assistance are available by appointment only. For more information about the types of assistance, and/or to schedule a specific date and time for a consultation, please visit the ITRS Consultations booking page and expand the Academic Research Technologies listing.

Summer Sessions 2021 (5/24/2021 - 8/13/2021)

NA NA 3:00 to 5:00 pm NA NA

Ongoing Support

Please visit the page of each application listed above for more information about support resources. With the exception of HLM and Lisrel, all the above applications offer online documentation available through the Help button within the application. If additional resources are available, they are noted on the application's listed page via the above links.

As well as offering extensive online documentation, Qualtrics offers 24/7 support to all Loyola faculty, students and staff. Instructions for contacting Qualtrics support technicians directly are detailed on the Qualtrics page.

All other questions or requests for assistance can be addressed to the ITS Service Desk. Please call 773-508-4487 or send an email to ITSServiceDesk@luc.edu. You can also log in to the ITS Service Portal to create a service request.

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