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Opinio - Moving Surveys to Qualtrics

Recommendations for Moving Surveys from Opinio to Qualtrics

You can move your Opinio survey (but not your responses) to Qualtrics in one of two ways:

  • create a formatted text file (add link) of your survey questions and import the text file into a Qualtrics survey (project); or
  • working from a copy of your Opinio survey, copy and paste your questions directly into a Qualtrics survey (project).

Before attempting to transfer your survey(s), please view the Configuring Your CoreXm Project (first segment) of the Learn to Use Qualtrics Research CoreXM training video. The video segment shows you how to create a survey (project) in Qualtrics, add common questions types, create blocks, and insert page breaks. You will need to know how to create a survey (project) in Qualtrics in order to proceed with either option.

Which Option Should I Use?

The copy and paste method is somewhat more straightforward provided you have reviewed the Qualtrics training video noted above. In either case, you will first need to create a Qualtrics survey (project) before proceeding with your survey transfer.

Conditions under which the formatted text file option might be preferable are as follows:

  • You already have a copy of the survey in Word format or you have access to a full copy of Adobe so that you can convert your Opinio survey pdfs to Word documents and from Word to TXT documents.
  • You have none, or only a few branching conditions (there is no way to create the branching in the txt file you will import).
  • You do not have two screens or a large single screen. This will make it difficult to work in the two applications simultaneously which is needed for the copy and paste method.

Conditions under which the copy and paste option might be preferable are as follows:

  • You have many branching conditions in the Opinio survey. In these cases, it is easier to recreate the branching conditions (in Qualtrics these become display or skip logic conditions) in Qualtrics if you are using a copy and paste method since you can check all your branching conditions in your Opinio survey and recreate them in Qualtrics along with your question creation. If you use the text upload method you will then have to go back to your Opinio survey to determine the branching or download a pdf of the survey that has the branching conditions included.
  • You have two screens, or a large screen that can be segmented, so that you can easily move from one application to the other.