Loyola University Chicago

Information Technology Services

Opinio at LUC

The online survey software application supported by Loyola University Chicago is Opinio. One-hundred and twenty accounts are available. Instructional Technology and Research Support (ITRS) manages and provides support for the application.

Who is eligible for an Opinio account? Loyola faculty, students and staff are eligible for accounts. However, given that LUC has a limited number of accounts, priority is given to faculty and students engaged in human-subjects research deemed greater-than-minimal risk by either the Lakeside IRB or the HSD IRB.

For what purposes may I use Opinio? Use of Opinio is restricted to research (academic or departmental) conducted under the auspices of Loyola University Chicago. The application may not be used for research projects that are not sponsored by the university. For instance, you may not use your account to conduct research sponsored by any other entity unless Loyola is a named partner in the research.

How can I learn more about Opinio’s capabilities? You can find information about the features offered by Opinio, e.g., question types, skip logic, formatting, etc., on the ObjectPlanet website.  We recommend reviewing the feature set to make sure Opinio will meet your survey research needs.

How do I request an account? Send an email to helpdesk@luc.edu. An ITRS staff member will contact you for particulars about your research.

Do I need IRB approval before requesting the account? If you are a faculty member or student engaged in a human-subjects research project for academic purposes, you must have your IRB approval in-hand before your account can be created. However, if the research is program-related, e.g., evaluation of a university project, program, initiative, etc., the research will be covered by a departmental IRB, and no separate IRB approval is needed.

How do I access Opinio once my account is created? Once your account is created, ITRS will send you your account username. You must call ITRS for a password. Your Opinio password is not synchronized with your LUC password. Once you have your account credentials you can access Opinio via the following URL: surveys.luc.edu.

I am working on an academic research project with other researchers. May we all have separate Opinio accounts? Due to the limited number of accounts, only one account per academic research project is allowed. The account must be in the name of the primary investigator (PI).

Our department has a number of people working with Opinio for in-house projects on a frequent basis. May we have more than one account? If there is a demonstrated need for more than one departmental account, we will create one additional account. Note that only one user at a time may work in an Opinio survey.

How long will my account remain active? Your account remains active as long as you are still affiliated with LUC and you have used the account within the past two years. If your affiliation with LUC is terminated, your account is automatically deleted. If you have not used your account within the past two years, we will notify you via email about the pending deletion. If you are planning to continue to use the account, you can notify ITRS and the account will be retained.

How long are surveys and responses retained? Data are retained indefinitely. Even if your account is deleted your surveys and any responses are stored on the Opinio server. If you wish to delete any of your data, you should do so while your account is still active.