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Information Technology Services

Opinio at LUC

In September 2020, Qualtrics will officially replace Opinio as the online survey software application at LUC. Information Technology Services, Instructional Technology and Research Support (ITRS) will continue to support Opinio through May 2nd, 2020. We ask that all researchers with Opinio accounts stop collecting data on that date. Current researchers will have access to their surveys and responses through August 23rd, 2020.

New Opinio accounts are no longer being created. Students, faculty and staff who are not affiliated with the Quinlan School of Business and need of an online survey software application should use the Loyola university-wide Qualtrics subscription. The Loyola Qualtrics subscription requires users to enter their LUC uvid and password to access the software. Quinlan School of Business students, faculty and staff should continue to use the Quinlan Qualtrics subscription until the Quinlan subscription is migrated to the university subscription in March of 2020.

Preparing to Move from Opinio to Qualtrics

Can I import my Opinio surveys directly into Qualtrics? Qualtrics is highly proprietary and does not accept imports of common export formats from other online survey applications, e.g., xml format. Files imported must either be Qualtrics survey format (.qsf files) or text files formatted in a specific manner. Therefore, we recommend you export your Opinio surveys in PDF format, convert the PDF to Word, format the Word document per Qualtrics specifications, and import the formatted text file into Qualtrics. Contact helpdesk@luc.edu if you experience any difficulty with the Opinio download to PDF guidelines.

How do I download my survey responses from my Opinio survey? You can download your survey responses in four different types of formats: HTML, PDF, Raw data (text-delimited file), or SPSS. We recommend that you download all survey responses from any of your current surveys prior to the August 23, 2020 access deadline. If you have not already done so, you should also download your responses from older surveys so that you have a back-up of your data. Instructions for downloading your data are available via the Opinio inline help. Contact helpdesk@luc.edu if you experience difficulty downloading your responses via the Opinio inline help.

If your research requirements are such that you are required to delete responses to your survey from the server after you have completed your data analysis, please do so before the August 23, 2020 deadline. Instructions for deleting survey responses are available here.

Is it possible to recover surveys and/or survey responses after the August 23rd, 2020 deadline?  The Opinio sysadmin will retain access to all surveys and responses in Opinio for one year after the application is no longer available to users. You can contact helpdesk@luc.edu to request a PDF copy of a survey or a download of survey responses. You must provide your LUC uvid (username), the title of the survey, and, in the case of a download of responses, the type of file format you prefer for the response download, e.g., HTML, PDF, raw data (text delimited file), or SPSS.

How do I access Qualtrics? Refer to the Qualtrics at LUC web page for instructions on how to access Qualtrics as well as eligibility and terms of use information. Refer to the Qualtrics Support Resources page for information on how to learn to use Qualtrics and request help via Qualtrics support.