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Getting Started

Below are the different functions of Sakai with brief descriptions of each one, as well as a link to the support documentation.

TasksBasic FunctionReference

New Course Sites

Creating a course site Course sites are automatically created through LOCUS.  
Import resources from a previous course site

Resources (documents, test, or assignments) can be imported into a new site

By using Import from Site from within Site Info.

Import from Site

Access to New Sites

Providing registered students access to a course site By publishing your course, all registered students will be granted access to that site Publishing a Course
Providing a TA access to a course site TA requests must be submitted to the helpdesk  

Access to Old Course Sites

Hide a course site from student's view

By unpublishing your course, all registered students will no longer have access to the site.

See Sakai Administration Schedule for unpublish dates.

Publishing-Unpublishing a Course 
Remove old courses from view Users may hide old courses using the Preferences tool accessed from within My Workspace Site View Preferences
TaskBasic InstructionsReference
Upload files In the Resources tool, select the Upload option from the Action drop-down menu. Content in Resources
Add a syllabus

From within the Syllabus tool, select Add Item. Additional items can be added in the same manner.

Make sure to select the light bulb to make the item visible to your students.

Creating a Syllabus
Provide link to existing web sites You can create a link to an existing web page within the Resources tool. Select Add Web Link from the Add drop-down menu. Content in Resources
Add multiple media  Multiple media content can be added to a site through VoiceThread, Panopto or Loyola Media tool. Adding Tools to a Sakai Course
Organize files in Resources tool Organize files by adding new sub folders, renaming, reordering and setting permissions. Content in Resources
TasksBasic InstructionsReference
Allowing student content to be shared with all course members

Within a Lesson page, use the drop down menu in Add Content and allow for student subpages. Each student will be provided their own subpage to upload and share content

Student Lesson Pages
Provide a means for student to create and edit text together Add the Wiki tool to a site in order for students to collaborate within a shared document. Creating a Wiki Page
VoiceThread Using VoiceThread provides the ability for students to add comments to media. Add the VoiceThread tool for all course members to share and add comments.  VoiceThread within Sakai
TasksBasic FunctionReference
Add a profile photo Each user can add an image to their profile that is visible to other users. From within Home, select Profile tool and then select Edit my Profile. Profile within Sakai
Number of Courses displayed on Top Menu bar Each user can decide the number of course sites to appear on the Top Menu Bar. From within Home, select Preferences and drag and drop courses from Favorite Sites, to Active Sites or Archive Sites. Navigation in Sakai