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Stritch School of Medicine Applications

Instructional Technology & Research Support (ITRS) provides support for SSOM’s unique educational environment. The applications that support content delivery and student management are designed to work in tandem with one another to allow integrated administration across systems. In addition to the established homegrown environment, third party systems supported by Loyola are available to enhance content delivery and the overall educational experience.

 We are available to assist with:

  • Training and consultation for homegrown applications.
  • Project management for new development requests to enhance existing homegrown applications.
  • Technology recommendations to enhance content delivery, communication and organization.
  • Data extraction for educational research initiatives.

Supported Applications

Application NameDescription of Application
Admissions The Admissions application supports the admissions process from student application through matriculation.
ARIC The ARIC committee application provides a single location where designated faculty and administrators can longitudinally monitor student competencies.
Audience Response System (ARS) The ARS application, available through Mini Apps, allows you to create interactive questions/prompts. Participants can submit responses to these prompts from their own WIFI-enabled device. 
Clerkship Administration Clerkship Administration provides faculty and staff access to reports about their specific clerkship by rotation including evaluation feedback. 
Competency-Based Elective Administration The Competency-Based Elective Administration application provides a space to enter faculty effort for these electives.
Course Administration Course Administration provides faculty and staff access to reports about their specific course including evaluation feedback provided by students, and PCMI and PCMII session feedback.
Educational Dashboard Reports are provided by department/administrative role in the Educational Dashboard. The Dean's Letter is also managed through this application. 
Elective Administration The Elective Administration application is used to manage the electives, including adding faculty to specific electives. Faculty members will log in to this application to submit student grades.
Exam Administration Exams are created and managed through the Exam Administration application. Exams can be administered on or off campus. 
myLUMEN Administration Videos can be uploaded through myLUMEN Administration to be converted to the standard SSOM lecture video format which is playable across most browsers and devices.
Professionalism Reporting This application can be used to submit professionalism concerns for a student. Reports can be linked to a specific course/clerkship or submitted independently. 
SSOM Calendar Report Generated by session information from the UME Calendar, this application provides calendar information by course/clerkship over the course of the academic year. View exam dates/times for all courses/clerkships as well as any conflicts for M1 and M2 students.
SSOM Curriculum Inventory This application provides a searchable database of all sessions entered in the UME Calendar. Sessions are linked to USMLE and MeSH terms. Use this application to determine where concepts are taught in the curriculum.
Student Grading System The Student Grading System captures all student performance measures between the M1-M4 years.
Student Log Reports As students rotate through clerkships in the M3 and M4 years they are required to track patient types they encounter. These logs can be managed and monitored through Student Log Reports. 
UME Calendar The UME Calendar captures information about every individual session taught throughout the medical school curriculum. Data captured in this application automatically populates the student calendars available on LUMEN and also feeds faculty effort in the Faculty Information System (FIS).

Ongoing Support

For questions or to request assistance with any of the applications listed above, please contact the ITS Service Desk at ITSServiceDesk@luc.edu or 775-508-4ITS.


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