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Proctortrack is an automated online remote proctoring tool that uses AI technology to detect and deter academic misconduct by verifying student identity and scanning student activity throughout an exam. Proctortrack aligns with the Sakai Tests & Quizzes and Gradebook tools, allowing faculty to create and customize proctoring settings for each assessment.

Information Sessions

Instructional Technology & Research Support (ITRS) and the Office of Online Learning (OOL) hosted a series of live webinars introducing Proctortrack to faculty and students.

Introduction to Proctortrack for Faculty

Thursday, October 1st, 2020
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Introduction to Proctortrack for Students

Tuesday, September 29th, 2020
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Getting Started

The following self-help resources and FAQ sections are organized by faculty and students, and designed to get you started with using Proctortrack.


VideoProctortrack for Faculty

Q1: What types of prohibited behavior does Proctortrack detect?  Answer »

Q2: How long after an exam is finished can I view the reports?  Answer »

Q3: How do I tell whether or not my student has engaged in prohibited behavior?  Answer »


Video | Proctortrack for Students

Q1: What are the technical requirements for Proctortrack?  Answer »

Q2: What do I need to do before taking an exam?  Answer »

Q3: What is an onboarding exam and how does it work?  Answer »

Q4: How do I prepare my test environment?  Answer »

Q5: How do I enable cookies on my computer?  Chrome »  Firefox »  Safari »  Edge »

Q6: What does Proctortrack monitor?  Answer »

Data Privacy and Security

Loyola is committed to protecting student privacy and recognizes that students have the right to protect their personal data. The following FAQ section helps explain how Proctortrack uses and saves student information, as well as how it interacts with student computers during testing. For more information, please visit Proctortrack Privacy Policy.

Q1: Do proctors have access to my personal data on my computer?  Answer »

Q2: Can proctors access my saved passwords on my computer?  Answer »

Q3: Can proctors access my financial information saved on my computer?  Answer »

Q4: I was asked by my proctor to install an application that was flagged by my computer as malicious. What application was that? Why was I asked to download the application?  Answer »

Q5: What data Proctortrack accesses on my computer and why?  Answer »

Q6: What happens when Proctortrack is not on?  Answer »

Q7: Why does Proctortrack need full disk access as shown on macOS?  Answer »

Q8: Which forms of ID are acceptable?  Answer »

Ongoing Support

Faculty and students can search the Proctortrack Knowledge Base to find answers to frequently asked questions. Proctortrack also provides 24/7/365 assistance by phone, email or chat by visiting Proctortrack Support. For assistance with Sakai, please contact the ITS Service Desk at ITSServiceDesk@luc.edu or 775-508-4ITS.

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