Loyola University Chicago

COVID-19 Technology Continuity Loans

Guidelines and Overview

Background for Technology Continuity Loans
The University has established the COVID-19 Technology Continuity Loan Program to circulate technology in support of remote work and instruction requirements for eligible faculty and staff during the COVID-19 crisis.

If you have a significant gap in your remote technology functionality which prevents you from adequately performing your teaching or remote work, the University has a modest inventory of certain loaner equipment. Supply chains are challenged during COVID-19 and to serve the most pressing needs of our students, faculty, and staff, please refrain from requesting loaner equipment if your remote technology equipment is sufficient.

Request Process and Availability
Faculty and Staff must complete and submit a COVID-19 Technology Continuity Request, identifying the gap in technology needs in order to enable instruction and work continuity.  Requests will be reviewed in the order in which they’re received. Upon approval, the requestor will be contacted to coordinate equipment pickup. All loaner equipment is expected to be returned by the scheduled return date unless an extension is requested and granted. Equipment loan inventory should be reserved for those who have deficiencies that would impact remote teaching and remote work. While Loyola will make best efforts to fulfill requests, it is possible that equipment might not be available.

Responsibility During Your Loan
Employees assume responsibility for reviewing and accepting all associated policies and terms, including return details as identified in communications and/or contracting, as well as eligible University Policies. Upon issuance, employees are responsible to verify the condition and report any functional or cosmetic issues within 24-hours.

Equipment should be returned to the University in similar conditions outside of normal wear and tear, with all related accessories and components. For equipment that is lost, stolen, or returned in unsatisfactory condition, damaged or missing parts/accessories/components that remain outstanding, there may be a subsequent penalty or fines associated to the individual or department.

Data Storage
For information security purposes for the individual and for Loyola, all University data should not be stored locally and will be stored on OneDrive or network shared drives as appropriate. All data storage devices, including laptop hard drives, will be securely formatted or reimaged upon return to ensure the integrity and security of Loyola data. Data cannot be recovered or restored after a return has been made.