Loyola University Chicago

Information Technology Services

COVID-19 Technology Continuity Loans

(Spring 2020 - Spring 2021)

The University established the COVID-19 Technology Continuity Loan program to enable the circulation of equipment to students, faculty, or staff with the most significant gaps in personal technologies in order to continue coursework, attendance, and instruction spanning Spring 2020 through Spring 2021 academic terms.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, supply chains were challenged and this program has served to enable the most pressing needs of our students with significant technology gaps in order to find continuity with course attendance and learning while remote.

As our campus continues to resume operations, with campus lab and building access available, less supply chain strain, we encourage University members to take advantage of a variety of technology resources available:

  • Access to campus buildings and office locations are now available for all faculty and staff to resume work, be sure to review Return To Campus resources for current guidelines and policies.
  • Primary On-Campus Computer Lab locations are open and available at the Information Commons (both LSC and HSC) or Lewis Library (WTC).
  • Wireless access is available throughout campus for ease of use in and outside any buildings.
  • TechConnect details discounts and recommendations for personal technology purchases, hardware and software, and even mobile providers.

Continuity Loan resources will transition back to equipment loan and PC Refresh/Information Technology resources, requiring return in advance of the fall semester, to collect, organize, reimage and prepare the equipment for availability and regular use for the Fall 2021 term.

For individuals with active continuity loans with approaching due dates, please be aware of the policies and responsibilities as identified and agreed upon your submission and approval for the loan as detailed below.

Responsibility During Your Loan
Employees assume responsibility for reviewing and accepting all associated policies and terms, including return details as identified in communications and/or contracting, as well as eligible University Policies. Upon issuance, employees are responsible to verify the condition and report any functional or cosmetic issues within 24-hours.

Equipment should be returned to the University in similar conditions outside of normal wear and tear, with all related accessories and components. For equipment that is lost, stolen, or returned in unsatisfactory condition, damaged or missing parts/accessories/components that remain outstanding, there may be a subsequent penalty or fines associated to the individual or department.

Data Storage
For information security purposes for the individual and for Loyola, all University data should not be stored locally and will be stored on OneDrive or network shared drives as appropriate.

We encourage you to save and backup all documents, media and resources to your Microsoft OneDrive account, which can accommodate up to 5TB of storage. If you installed any custom or perosnal software with specific, limited licensing, be sure to unregister, uninstall and save the licenses.

All data storage devices, including workstation hard drives, will be securely formatted or reimaged upon return to ensure the integrity and security of Loyola data. Data cannot be recovered or restored after a return has been made.