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HW/SW Purchase Policy

HW/SW Purchase Policy

The goal of the review process is to ensure that all hardware and software purchased is compatible with the University's environment, and to enhance cost efficiency of the University overall.

The review process is intended to ensure:

  • All hardware and software will operate effectively in the University environment;
  • The best pricing is received through consolidation of purchasing power;
  • There is proper review of licensing agreements for all software;
  • Clear expectations for maintenance, licensing, network connectivity, etc., of all hardware and software.

Prospective purchasers are expected to work with Information Services prior to completing the Purchase Requisition for the selected hardware and software. The procedures outlined below have been developed jointly by Information Services, Purchasing, and University Counsel.


  1. Prior to purchasing any hardware or software, an electronic hardware\software acquisition form should be submitted to initiate the review process. The form will be linked to the purchase requisition.
  2. When the Purchasing Department receives a purchase order, it will verify that a hardware/software acquisition form has been reviewed by Information Services. If so, it will process the purchase order. If the review process has not been completed, the Purchasing department will wait until the review is finished.
  3. Information Services will work with the department to determine if:
    1. The hardware\software will be compatible with the networking infrastructure for the University
    2. Information Services will be able to provide technical support for the hardware\software being acquired.
    3. There is already a license agreement in-place to cover the software.
    4. The agreement(s) will conflict with existing agreements.
    5. The agreement(s) will need to be part of the University hardware\software license management program.
    6. Another hardware/software vendor may provide better pricing or arrangements.
  4. If there are discrepancies, Information Services will work with the department to document those situations. Department heads will be asked to "sign-off" on non-conforming purchases, which will be made in spite of potential conflicts with the items listed above. Once completed, Information Services will "sign-off" on the form so the procurement process can continue.
  5. It is expected that Information Services will initiate the review of the electronic hardware/software acquisition form within one business day of the electronic submission of the form. If there are no conflicts or questions to be answered after initial review of the form Information Services will "sign-off" on the form without needing to contact the individual or department. Purchasing will be able to view the current queue of forms to be able to determine whether or not to continue the purchase order process.

Exceptions and Notes:

These items, have been pre-reviewed and do not require a hardware\software acquisition form. Check requisitions should not be used for hardware or software purchases. Loyola procurement cards may be used for software and hardware purchases and will be limited to the list of pre-reviewed hardware and software. Licensing and contract issues will be managed according to the existing University contract policy. For questions related to the hardware\software acquisition policy, please contact the Help Desk at 8-4ITS.


  • October 28, 2009: Initial Policy
  • June 25, 2015: Annual Review for PCI Compliance
  • June 20, 2016: Annual Review for PCI Compliance
  • June 21, 2017: Annual Review for PCI Compliance
  • Sep 7, 2018: Annual Review for PCI Compliance
  • Sep 27, 2019: Annual Review for PCI Compliance
  • Author: ITS
  • Version: 1.1