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BsrSsmartcall Upgrade



March 2009
Sponsor: Advancement (Hughes) / Project Manager: Yun / Health: 

  • Project Complete.

November 2008: Closing Report
Sponsor: Advancement (Hughes) / Project Manager: Yun / Health: 

  • October Go Live date met, including the following activities:
    • Upgraded the Advance application to version 9.2.
    • Upgraded the SmartCall application to version 9.5.
    • Upgraded the Advancement databases to Oracle 10g.
    • Systems and processes are PCI Compliant with the completion of the following activities:
      • All credit card data and expiration dates removed from the SmartCall pledge table.
      • VMWare ACE installed and Phonathon office ready to securely process credit card transactions.
      • Revised procedures in place to process credit cards.
  • Next Steps:
    (1) Conduct project closeout meeting with functional and ITS stakeholders. (2) Complete Roles/Responsibilities turnover.

August 2008
Sponsor: Advancement (Hughes) / Project Manager: Marsh (Slazyk) / Health:

  • Slight risk exists with meeting October Go Live target due to a small window of opportunity to complete the upgrade tasks prior to a client's planned calling activities. Development of a detailed Installation Plan is scheduled to mitigate this risk.
  • Consultant, Paul Marsh, hired and project management activities transitioned to him following the departure of the previous Project Manager from Loyola.
  • User Acceptance Testing underway. Currently no significant issues have been identified.
  • Database team has concluded tests to determine the amount of time needed during actual production conversation. Two calendar days with two shifts of DBA resource will be needed. We need to validate if this fits the available time frame in October.
  • Next Steps:
    (1) Complete User Acceptance Testing; (2) Develop detailed Implementation Plan; (3) Complete Production upgrade.

May 2008
Sponsor: Advancement (Hughes) / Project Manager: Roberts / Health: 

  • Some issues with scripts and data have emerged requiring assistance from the vendor.
  • Based on difficulties encountered during the 9.1 upgrade, the new estimated delivery is delayed one week until 5/29. Impact on the overall project should be minimal.
  • Continued work on test scenarios for reports, background processes, documenting Advance use cases.
  • SmartCall refresher training is scheduled for 5/27 -5/30. SmartCall power user training will be in Pennsylvania 7/22 – 7/23. Most likely 2-3 team members will attend the power user training.
  • Next Steps: (1) Continue Advance and SmartCall database upgrades in test environment; (2) Continue work on test strategy.