Loyola University Chicago

Information Technology Services

MAJOR INITIATIVES, Q3-Q4 FY09 - march status


ITS publishes quarterly reports on the health and status of Major Initiatives from the Plan of Record. The health is reported using a five-color (green, lime, yellow, orange, and red) coding system that represents varying degrees of project progress, risk, and probability of success from green (most healthy) to red (most unhealthy). The view on this page provides a quick summary of the health of Major Initiatives. A brief status report for each initiative is available by clicking on the project name.       


Academic and Faculty Support 

  Health:         Locus Enhancements  
  Health:        Locus Student System for SSOM (PSS 864)
  Health:        Blackboard Community System Evaluation (PSS 428)
  Health:        Blackboard LMS System Sourcing
  Health:        Remote Electronic Classroom Management

Administrative Initiatives

  Health:        Grad Merge Process Redesign (PSS 355)
  Health:        Immunization Registration Reporting (PSS 862)
  Health:       LDAP Authentication with LUMC ("Shared" Source of Truth) (PSS 709)
  Health:          Credit Card Processing, Bursar (PSS 868)
  Health:          BSR/Lawson GL Interface Redesign (PSS 496)
  Health:          Rome Merge Process Redesign (PSS 382)
  Health:        Entrance Control for Gentile Center (PSS 598, 788)
  Health:          Conference Services Enhancements (PSS 563)
  Health:        BSR/SmartCall Upgrade (PSS 325, 339, 635)

Student Technology Support

  Health:        Wireless Expansion
  Health:        Student Experience/Admitted Students Portal (PSS 798)
  Health:        Student Experience/Existing Portal Improvements (PSS 803)
  Health:        RMS Housing Application Improvements (Web Implementation PSS 624)
  Health:      Tuition Benefit Automation (PSS 657)
  Health:        Tuition Payment Plan (PSS 908)


  Health:        WTC Data Center Remediation
  Health:        Campus Card System Replacement (PSS 735)
  Health:        Campus Construction Initiatives (24)
  Health:       Security Initiatives (PIRG and Audit-Related) - PII Policy and Tool Implementation
  Health:       Board Meeting Audio
  Health:        Emergency Response Website (PSS 897)

Continuous Service Development

  Health:        Parking Permit Purchases Integrated to PeopleSoft (PSS 743)
  Health:          Online Client Services Training Program (PSS 865)
  Health:        Develop ITS Services Direction and Metrics
  Health:        Board of Trustees Website Enhancements (PSS 904)
  Health:          ECM/Imaging Implementation (PSS 830)
  Health:        Business Intelligence/Data Warehouse Strategy (PSS 800)
  Health:        Messaging and Information Lists (PSS 762)
  Health:        Campus Cell Phone Coverage Analysis