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maxxess campus security projects



May 2010
Sponsor: Facilities (Kosiba)/ Project Manager: Pullen / Health:   

  • Project team conducting weekly meetings.
  • Completed the move and virtualizing of all Multiports.
  • Moved Administrative Workstation.
  • MAXxess System administrator identified and workstations removed that should no longer be connected to the application.
  • Development database license has been purchased and hardware/software installations progressing.
  • Production servers (Database and Multiports) now connected to server monitoring tool. 
  • Next Steps: 1) Complete configuration of test/development environment, includes MAXxess application software and database. 2) Cleanup database of obsolete badge IDs, automate database updating of badges. 3) Work with the MAXxess vendor t provide alerts and reports to System Administrators that will notify them of application outages and help diagnose problems as well as an audit of daily processes.  

March 2010
Sponsor: Facilities (Kosiba)/ Project Manager: Pullen / Health:   

  • Kick-off meeting held 2/3/2010.
  • Project Definition document sent out for approval.
  • Initial meeting with vendor held.
  • 2 of 3 multiports relocated to virtualized servers in data center.
  • Set-up administrator workstation in data center (DC).
  • Next Steps: 1) Move third multiport to DC. 2) Configure test/development environment. 3) Define audits and alerts with vendor.