Loyola University Chicago

Information Technology Services

pilot rich media offerings (podcasting, blogs/wikis, video streaming)



August 2008
Project complete.

May 2008
Sponsor: Enterprise Project (Montes) / Project Manager: VanKleeck, Kraft, Pauliks / Health: 

  • Recently completed the pilot process for podcasting. Blogs and Wikis are winding down their pilot efforts and the pilot for administrative video streaming is complete. Podcasts were piloted for both academic and administrative uses and data was collected. Blogs and Wikis incurred some delays due to technical and administrative challenges. Both are now on track however and only the end date of the pilot was affected for these two offerings. The video streaming pilot was completed and data has been collected.
  • Next Steps: The workgroups are reviewing the data collected during the pilot to use to modify the administrative processes setup around the pilots. Acquisition of additional "production" equipment for the video streaming process is required and documentation and web development of the end user processes for all three offerings is being completed.