Loyola University Chicago

Information Technology Services

lumc persons into luware (pss 1143)


May 2010
Sponsor: Human Resources (Kelly) / Project Manager: Yun / Health:

  • Held joint meeting between LUC and LUMC to review remaining data cleanup issues for LUMC staff.
  • Validate workflow processes for IDM3 and Novell where it connects the LUMC and LUC organizations and establish operational process going forward among the two campuses. 
  • Next Steps: 1) Meet with LUMC to confirm IDM3 attributes and modifications to their ID creation processes for the Master Vault. 2) Assist LUMC with root cause analysis.

March 2010
Sponsor: Human Resources (Kelly) / Project Manager: Yun / Health:         

  • Designed, tested and implemented data flow design into Production environment. Loaded over 16,300 employees' data records into LUWare. Over 6,200 active Company 5000 employee records processed in LUWare. Nightly scheduled processes are updating the Company 5000 employee records as status changes occur within Lawson.
  • Next Steps: (1) Complete remaining post project activities, including documentation.

December 2009
Sponsor: Human Resources (Kelly) / Project Manager: Yun / Health:

  • Business and technical design requirements gathered and documented. Rearchitecture of processes in progress. Target February 1st implementation.
  • Next Steps: (1) Design, implement and test data flow design. (2) Replicate roster of active LUMC persons into LUWare. (3) Move design to Production. (4) Go Live and Project Close-out.