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Descriptions of and Links to Free Statistical Software PackagesThere are a number of free statistical and research-related software packages that are web-based or available to download from the web. Below are some descriptions of the software and links to the sites where you can download the packages. Please be aware that you use these packages at your own risk. Research Computing staff has not tested any of the software and it does not fall under our support system. Therefore we cannot guarantee that you will have a trouble-free experience with the packages. If you would like a comprehensive list of free statistical software arranged by disciplinary focus please check out the Free Statistical Software page published by John C. Peluzzo, retired Georgetown Associate Professor of Pharmacology and Biostatistics.

Dataplot is a multi-platform (Unix, Linux, PC-DOS, Windows NT, etc.), free software system for scientific visualization, statistical analysis, and non-linear modeling.

InStat is a free software general statistical package that is web based. It can be used in teaching statistical ideas and for data analysis.

OpenStat is a free software package with an SPSS-like interface. It provides a wide variety of features.

PSPP, a GNU-based SPSS clone, previously known as Fiasco, interprets SPSS commands and provides a large subset of SPSS procedures.

R is a GNU-based clone of S, an award-winning statistical programming language and environment.

A powerful Macintosh-only package for univeriate mathematical modeling (equations and distributions); user-friendly.

A scientific software package for numerical computations in user-friendly environment, includes a sophisticated programming language with a MatLab-like syntax, hundreds of built-in functions and libraries and 3-d graphics.

An award-winning, web-based statistical application program available for a small subscription fee of $5 for six months.

Free web-based software application that performs univariate, bivariate, and multivariate descriptive statistical procedures.

Other free statistics and research-related resources

DataVerse Network Project
An operational, open-source, digital library to enable the sharing of quantitative research data, and the development of distributed virtual collections of data and documentation.

GSL_GNU Scientific Library
Free software under the GNU General Public License. Provides a variety of mathematical routines such as random number generators, special functions, and least squares fitting.

Virtual Laboratories in Probability and Statistics
Free software and interactive, web-based resources for probability and statistics.