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Loyola NetReg - Register Now

Complete this process once for each device you connect to Loyola's network.

Registrations on our network renew automatically for 6 months every time you connect, so you should only need to do this once per device for your entire time at Loyola! Registration will follow you from campus to campus, but you must begin the process using the link specific to the one you're at now. Choose your current location below and follow the prompts.

If you are not a Loyola student, faculty, or staff, use the LUC-Guest network.

Where are you?
Lake Shore Campus Water Tower Campus
Health Sciences Campus
Loyola Retreat & Ecology Campus (LUREC)
Cuneo Mansion & Gardens  

Once you've selected your location, you will see the device registration landing page as shown below. Follow the instructions accordingly.

 Having trouble registering? Make sure you are on the correct wifi network.

  • Loyola community members should connect to LUC and authenticate with their Loyola username (UVID) and password when prompted.
    • On the device registration page landing page shown above, click the first link labeled "Register your device."
    • On the next page, enter your Loyola username (UVID) and password again.
  • Game consoles, smart TVs, Printers, or any devices without a web browser should be connected to LUC-TV-Printer-Games-Misc.
    • You will need the MAC address of your device to register it; consult the user guide or manufacturer's website for info on how to find the address.
    • Begin the registration process for the device using an already-registered laptop, desktop, or smartphone by clicking on "Register devices that do not have a web browser" as shown above.
    • On the next page, enter your Loyola username (UVID), password, and the device's MAC address as shown below.

If you are stuck, get in touch with the Help Desk during our support hours.

Last Modified:   Fri, June 5, 2020 4:22 PM CDT