Loyola University Chicago


Loyola University Chicago is offering students a way to access Loyola computers using Sassafras. Students who wish to use Sassafras will be required to use the GlobalProtect VPN client and Microsoft remote desktop software. Instructions on how to install GlobalProtect and connect to lab workstations are included below.  Multi-factor Authenticaiton (MFA) is required for VPN access.

Remote Lab Availability

Log in to and use Remote Labs


  1. All students must contact Information Technology Services to have their accounts enabled for VPN access. Contact the Service Desk at itsservicedesk@luc.edu or 773-508-4887.
  2. All students must have MFA set-up
  3. All students must install and configure GlobalProtect.
  4. All students must use Microsoft Remote Desktop.
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop is pre-installed on most Windows workstations.
  • MAC OSX users may have to manually download and install Microsoft Remote Desktop from the App Store

Accessing Sassafras:

1. Launch and sign into GlobalProtect.
2. Authenticate using your LUC credentials and MFA.
3. Open a web browser and navigate to the following URL: https://remotelabs.luc.edu/
4. Choose the lab you wish to access. 

5. Find an available workstation.

6. Your Browser will download a .RDP file. This file is unique for your session. Open this file.

7. A warning dialogue box will pop-up Click Connect.

8. A login prompt will appear. Click on the “More Choices” option. 

9. Enter your Loyola credentials (the same username you use to log into email).

Username: Please enter “ADMS\” before your Loyola username.
(Ex: ADMS\lwolf63)

Password: Please use the same password you use for Loyola email.

10. When you are finished working. Please click on the Windows button in the left-hand corner, click on the red power button and select sign off.

 General tips:

  • Please remember to sign out of the workstation when you are finished working.
  • The computers are avaible to all students. Therefore, when you end your session, your personal data will be erased after every session. Please remember save your data elsewhere.  We recommend using OneDrive at office.com
  • Remote computers that are idle for a certain amount of time will automatically log off.
  • Please remember to disconnect from GlobalProtect VPN when you are finished working.

  • Do not re-use the same .RDP file more than once. Delete your .RDP file when you are finished. A new .RDP will be created for each Sassafras session.