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Email Protection and Anti-Spam


Email protection for Loyola is provided as part of our Microsoft 365 / Office 365 services using Microsoft's Advance Threat Protection (ATP).  It is a cloud-based filtering service that helps protect your mailbox against spam and malware.


An incoming message initially passes through filtering, which checks the sender's reputation and inspects the message for malware.  The majority of spam is stopped at this point and does not make it to your mailbox.  Next, messages pass through anti-spam filtering. A message that's determined to be spam is then sent to a user's Junk Email folder in Outlook.  At that point, you can either leave it as spam or tag it as legitimate.

Getting Started with Email Protection

Junk Filters to help control and manage your spam.

Reporting Junk Email enables you to label spam or phishing emails.

Reporting Erroneous Junk Email enables you to label false positives.

Have an issue or concern? Contact the Service Desk by logging an incident, via email at itsservicedesk@luc.edu or via phone at 773-508-4487

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