Loyola University Chicago

Information Technology Services

Micrososft 365 Policy

This policy will define the service offerings and the use policy for Microsoft 365 products.  This specific policy applies to the use of Microsoft SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams.   Everyone is responsible for maintaining security with any SharePoint online applications.  

Microsoft SharePoint  
Microsoft SharePoint is a dynamic and interactive cloud-based service provided by Microsoft. SharePoint gives anyone the ability to create collaborative websites to share files, tasks, calendars etc. from anywhere.  All LUC faculty/staff/students can take advantage of Microsoft SharePoint.  

  • Personal SharePoint sites can be created by anyone.  Personal SharePoint sites will need to be renewed every 6 months. If an Owner doesn't renew the site, the site and all data will be deleted.
  • SharePoint Team/Department requests go through the ITS Helpdesk at 773-508-4487 or via email at helpdesk@luc.edu.  SharePoint Team/Department sites use an approved LUC template to maintain consistency.  Each department is responsible for determining a site administrator.  LUC recommends more than one person to be responsible.  Department site administration will be determined during the build and/or on a case-by-case basis.  Department sites will be auto renewed every year. 

Microsoft OneDrive 
OneDrive is an integral part of Microsoft 365 and provides place in the cloud where individuals can store, share, and sync their work files. All LUC faculty/staff/students can take advantage of Microsoft OneDrive.

  • OneDrive is meant to be your personal workspace.
  • You can update and share your files from any device with OneDrive.
  • Version control and sync to file explorer. Data protection and recovery.

Microsoft Teams 
Microsoft Teams, a chat-based collaboration workspace that integrated with other Microsoft 365 apps and services. Teams then allows you to collaborate on different Groups, all within one platform. All LUC faculty/staff/students can take advantage of Microsoft Teams. 

  • Chat – Send instant messages to individuals or groups
  • Meet – Host/participate in ad-hoc groups of people on a task, project, etc.
  • Call – Make and receive calls to the LUC community
  • Collaborate – Share and edit files in real time with apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint  

Multi-Factor Authentication
ITS has implemented security measures to protect your personal information, your intellectual property, and LUC's data. MFA protects you even if your Loyola password becomes compromised. Using MFA means that users will either use the Microsoft Authenticator application on their mobile device, get a phone call, or receive a code via text message to securely sign into online resources.  Your LUC UVID and password, plus one of these additional authentication methods is used to verify your identity and protect the community from data breaches.  Once Multi-factor is fully implemented, the cloud computing and password policy will be updated. 

Data Loss Prevention 
ITS is implementing Data Loss Prevention (DLP) to protect data and build awareness about information security at Loyola. DLP can monitor, report, block or automatically encrypt sensitive information (e.g. Social Security numbers, credit card data, PII data, HIPAA data, etc.). Any sensitive information shared to a non-LUC user via Microsoft 365 will generate a notification and/or be blocked, depending on the specifics of what was shared. 

Sharing capabilities can be restricted externally as needed. 

For examples of Loyola sensitive and protected data, as well as up-to-date information on their approved storage locations, see the Cloud Computing Policy