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Password Self-Service

Welcome to Loyola’s new Password Self-Service tool. The system, which has replaced Personal Account Manager (PAM), allows students, faculty, and staff to reset network passwords quickly and independently, eliminating the need to contact the Help Desk when passwords are forgotten, accounts are locked, or when users suspect that their password has been compromised. Password Self-Service is available at www.luc.edu/password.

Password Self-Service

What Can I Do with Password Self-Service?

The new tool has four options:

  • First Time Setup  (click here for step by step instructions)
    Use this option to establish the password reset settings that can be used later to verify who you are. These include a series of personalized challenge questions and a delivery method for the system to contact you (such as a text-capable phone number or a non-Loyola email account). You must complete this setup before your current password expires or needs to be reset.
  • Manage Settings.
    Use this option to change your password reset settings (for example, if your mobile phone number changes).
  • Password Reset.
    Use this option to reset your password. Please note that the security requirements have changed; passwords must be between eight and twenty characters and may not have been used within the previous 500 days.
  • Account Unlock.
    Use this option if your account is locked due to multiple failed password entries. (Students please note: If your account is locked while logging in to LOCUS, you can unlock it by resetting your password.)

Who Can Use Password Self-Service?

Password Self-Service is available to all students, faculty, staff and alumni with active University accounts.

Who Do I Contact for Help?

If you have any questions about or need help with Password Self-Service, please contact the Loyola University Help Desk at helpdesk@luc.edu or 773.508.4487.

Password Self-Service is available at www.luc.edu/password.