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Project Team Members Roles and Responsibilities

A list of project team members and their roles in the project management process.

Executive Sponsor/Business Owner

Has a vested interest in the successful outcome of the project. Secures funding and overall approval on project. Vocal and visible champion for the project throughout the University. Confirms that the project’s goals and objectives are met to ensure that the project obtains the intended business objectives. Keeps abreast of major project activities. Ultimate decision maker for issues that impact the business. Provides final approval for all major scope changes. Provides project direction and setting priorities when competing objectives exist overall in project. Provides approval to proceed to each succeeding project phase. Approves the project schedule. Provides regular feedback to the project team on performance versus expectations.        

Executive Stakeholder

Has vested interest in the completion of the project and how the project will impact their specific area. Provides information, as needed, to ensure that the project stays on track and meets the intended goals and deliverables.

Functional Lead

Provides subject matter expertise for department functions. Accurately and effectively represents the business needs of their department and the inter-relationships between departments. Provides guidance and insight for the project’s roll-out within their areas of responsibility. Makes project decisions on behalf of their respective departments. Obtains consensus within their department for broad business impactful decisions. Keeps key departmental sponsors and stakeholders abreast of major project activities. Provides and shares feedback on deliverables. Provides testing support.

Enterprise SME

University-wide subject matter expert. Provide guidance and insight for the project's roll-out. Provide subject matter expertise for various departmental functions and the inter-relationships between departments.

ITS Sponsor

Vocal and visible champion for the project throughout ITS and the University along with business sponsor. Keeps abreast of major project activities and provides additional information requested by the business sponsor. When necessary, addresses issues with project priorities and resource constraints as escalated by the product owner or project manager. Final escalation point for all ITS issues.

ITS Product Owner

Oversight for the product’s seam-less hardware and software integration within the Loyola architecture. Owner of all application integration design. Identifies needed technical resources. Escalation point for technical issues. Owner of vendor management and relationships for product support. Responsible for product versioning and upgrade decisions. Decision maker for product configuration and infrastructure design.

Project Manager

Responsible for ensuring that the project team completes the project within time, scope and budget. Has ownership for all project management tasks and activities. Responsible for development and management of the overall project plan. Gathering approval for deliverables from project sponsors. Responsible for managing project risks. Responsible for communication to stakeholders. Responsible for ongoing status reporting, including project health. Responsible for overall management of the vendor relationships. Responsible for addressing issues with resource constraints. Responsible for identifying need for escalation of issues.

Business Analyst

Analyzes and develops an understanding of the current state processes to ensure that the context and implications of change are understood by the department and the project team. Develops an understanding of how present and future business needs will impact the solution. Identifies the sources of requirements and understands how roles help determine the relative validity of requirements. Develops a Requirements Management Plan and shares with the project team and all stakeholders. Identifies and documents all business, technical, product and process requirements. Works with the department to prioritize the requirements. Helps to define acceptance criteria for completion of the solution.

ITS Security Team

Provides assistance and support for developing and implementing the appropriate and required security environment.

A list of project team members and their roles in the project management process.

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