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Time: 1:30 to 2:00 p.m.
Location: Damen Student Center 214
Presenter: Marc Cormier
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About the Vendor/Presentation:

Gale is a provider of digital historical collections, such as the 18th Century Collections Online and 19th Century U.S. Newspapers. Gale also offers an innovative new research tool, Digital Scholar Lab which allows researchers to search across a large set of historical documents and includes advanced tools for analyzing and organizing primary source information.

Emerging from the field of humanities computing with origins in the late 1940s, digital humanities is, in many ways, still a growing discipline. With that growth comes a mix of exciting opportunities for researchers and librarians, as well as a host of challenges still to overcome.

For researchers, digital humanities scholarship is fueling new ways of interrogating content, analyzing insights and outputting discoveries, and it’s fundamentally shifting how scholars partner together to make new types of research possible. Collaboration is a key driver of change as people with diverse backgrounds and skills come together to address common barriers related to applying new technology to content that isn’t always prepped and accessible.

As expert content curators and skilled technologists, librarians are natural collaborators throughout this process. Libraries around the world are embracing the opportunity to help faculty and students navigate ground-breaking research methodologies to advance scholarship and achieve new outcomes. While funding for humanities resources is increasingly limited, digital humanities initiatives typically garner more support than traditional programs, positioning libraries well to actively engage at every step of the process.

Together with libraries, Gale is poised to help colleges and universities launch, enhance or accelerate their digital scholarship programs. Gale’s Digital Scholar Lab, developed with participation from beta testers across a wide range of institutions and organizations, is designed to transform the way scholars and students access and analyze Gale primary source content by offering solutions to some of the most common challenges facing researchers in the digital humanities today. By integrating an unmatched depth and breadth of digital primary source content with the most popular digital humanities tools, Gale’s Digital Scholar Lab provides a new resource for exploring and teaching history and empowers researchers to generate world-altering conclusions and outcomes.

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