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Loyola Aware

Loyola Aware is Loyola’s information security awareness program designed for all faculty and staff. The purpose of the program is to increase security awareness by providing short video snippets that bring to light specific topics in information security. By increasing awareness, the program allows everyone to recognize IT security concerns and respond accordingly.

Each Semester, ITS releases a series of training modules that are distributed by the University Information Security Office and can be accessed online. Each module contains a brief video followed by five assessment questions. The idea is to reinforce the video content by asking questions to let the participant self-assess their understanding about each topic. The modules contain a variety of topics to help in the understanding of current cyber security issues and how to stay current with university cyber security policies and procedures.  Topics may include social engineering, email, messaging, web browsing, and many others.  Cyber security training is mandatory and must be completed by all faculty and staff in conjunction with mandatory Human Resources training.  All modules and assessments must be completed by the deadline announced each semester.  Current and future training dates can be found in the Annual ITS HR and OEC Compliance Training Schedule.


Loyola Aware is now hosted on the Enterprise Learning Hub. New and updated training modules are available for all faculty and staff.   

To Access Loyola Aware:

  1. Navigate to https://forms.luc.edu/learninghub/ and log in using your UVID and password.
  2. All current LUC employees should already be enrolled in Loyola Aware. If you have any trouble logging into the site, please contact the Learning Hub team at LearningHub@luc.edu.
  3. There should be two sections on the home page: "Pending Courses" and "Completed Courses". All “Pending Courses” are required to be complete before the deadline.
  4. All modules require a 100% to pass. There is no limit on the number of times you may take an assessment.
  5. After completing all training that was assigned to you, you will be issued with a certificate.
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