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Past Newsletters

Date PublishedTopicLink
October 2020 Identity Theft, Working from Home, and Cyber Security Awareness Month View/Download
August 2020 Multi-Factor Authentication, Coronavirus Phishing, and LastPass View/Download
May 2020 Securing Your Home Workstation, Coronavirus Phishing Emails, and LastPass View/Download
February 2020 LastPass and Multi-Factor Authentication View/Download
September 2019 Privacy, Social Media, and Wi-Fi View/Download
August 2019 LastPass, MFA, DLP, and New Instruction/Form Location View/Download
January 2019 Hacking and Phishing View/Download
October 2018 Phishing, Tips, and Upcoming Info Sessions View/Download
July 2018 Phishing, Passwords, and Loyola Aware View/Download
April 2018 Social Media and Loyola Aware View/Download
October 2017 Mobile Device and Account Safety View/Download
March 2017 FERPA View/Download
January-February 2017 Data Privacy View/Download
November 2016 Phishing View/Download
July-October 2016 Social Networking View/Download
June 2016 Privacy View/Download
May 2016 The Cloud and File Sharing View/Download
April 2016 Indicators of Hacking and the Human Sensor View/Download
March 2016 Passwords and Password Managers View/Download
February 2016 Mobile Device Security and Malware View/Download
January 2016 Browsing Security and Data Privacy Day View/Download
December 2015 Email Security and Spear Phishing View/Download
November 2015 Social Engineering and Loyola Aware View/Download
September-October 2015 Loyola Aware, You Are the Target, and Host Firewalling View/Download
August 2015 Physical Security, DMCA, and the PCI DSS View/Download
June-July 2015 Anti-virus, Hardening Your Computer, and Social Engineering View/Download
April-May 2015 Adaptive Authentication, Misconceptions, and Mobile Phones View/Download
March 2015 Backups, Two-Factor Authentication, and Open Wi-Fi View/Download
January-February 2015 Cloud Storage and Online Harrassment View/Download
November 2014 Why All These Policies? View/Download
October 2014 Cyber Security Awareness View/Download
September 2014 Physical Data Security View/Download
August 2014 Social Engineering View/Download
July 2014 Email Security View/Download
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