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PII Remediation

Case A: Pop-Up Appears

The best way to complete remediation is to finish it in the pop-up results window after the scheduled remote scan completes.

1. To begin, click the Open Advanced Interface button in the Spirion results window.
2. You will need to inspect every match in each result. Double click to open and view the details.
3. If a match contains an SSN or CCN, and you do not need it, you must Shred it. If you need to keep the file for BUSINESS REASONS ONLY, move it to your Network Drive and then Shred the original.
4. If a match does not contain an SSN or CCN, it is a false positive. For these files, you may choose to Ignore instead of deleting them.

Case B: No Pop-Up Appears

Remote scanning automatically saves your results. If you do not have a pop-up window appear after your remote scan has finished, there is a way to manually open the results.

1. Navigate to This PC > Windows (C:)> IDF_Results_####. Within this folder, the results file will have a name formatted like <computername>_mmddyyyy_hhmmss.idf.  Double click this file to open your results within the Spirion client.
2. When the client starts, it will first ask you to input a Profile Password. If you set a password from a previous scan, you can enter it here. Otherwise, click “Cancel” to skip this step and go to the next window. The default password for the results file is LoyolaPII2021.
3. After entering the password, the remediation window will appear and you can follow the steps from Case A.

Viewing Search Results

The Results View is a reporting table, similar to a spreadsheet, which is on the left side of Spirion. It contains all the information about the results of your search, and allows you to analyze those results and take action to protect any sensitive information. Further information about each result is displayed on the right-hand side of the Spirion screen in the Preview Pane and Properties Pane. These panes contain all of the relevant information about each result, including the full path to its location, the type and value of the result, a preview of that result in context, and many other details.

Watch our tutorial on Remote Scan Remediation!

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Spirion also has online instructions to assist you and your department with various remediation tasks. For more information, visit Spirion Support.

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