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Password Managers

Streamline and secure all of your logins

Password Managers are a great way to secure and keep track of the ever-expanding list of usernames and passwords that you have to remember on a daily basis. Instead of storing passwords in vulnerable plain text, or the insecure hassle of trying to make various browsers remember your information, install a password manager! These programs use a single password to secure individual login information for every service you need to access. Not only is this incredibly convenient, but can greatly reduce your risk if one of your passwords becomes compromised. Since you only have one password to remember, it becomes easy to follow best practices and use a different password for each resource you need to access. Most password managers also implement some sort of auto-complete functionality, which makes each login a breeze whether you remember the specific credentials or not. Make sure to use a strong master password however, as this becomes the key to all of your confidential information!

Features to Look For

  • Local Encryption: protects your login information from prying eyes
  • Cloud Sync: access the same password database from multiple locations
  • Auto-complete: enables the password manager to enter each login and password for you
  • Password Generator: creates strong passwords for use within the password manager
  • Password Strength Indicator: visual indication of the strength of each password
Password ManagerOperating SystemPriceCloud Sync
KeePass Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android Free


LastPass Windows, Mac, Linux (iOS and Android with Premium) Free, $2/month Premium Yes
1Password Windows, Mac, iOS, Android $2.99/month Yes
Dashlane Windows, Mac, iOS, Android Free, $3.33/month Premium Premium Only
aWallet iOS, Android Free, $3.99 Cloud Version Cloud Version Only
Last Modified:   Wed, July 22, 2020 1:27 PM CDT