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The University Information Security Office (UISO) is committed to safeguarding the confidentiality, integrity, and reliability of all University IT assets. The UISO offers many services to Loyola University Chicago that include, but are not limited to:

Training and Project Engagement
Security Awareness Sessions What better way is there to promote safe information security practices than to have one of our expert team members speak about important security issues relevant to your department? These sessions can cover a general range of security advice or can narrow down on specific procedures relevant to your department.
Early Design Involvement Engaging the UISO at the start of a project is the best way to guarantee reliable security.The UISO can partner with your technology project to ensure that security is "baked in" to the design of a new system, rather than attempting to retrofit it in later.


Security Reviews
Comprehensive Security Reviews Comprehensive security reviews comprise a detailed security assessment of an information system environment from all aspects: technical, procedural, and physical. These reviews provide a thorough inspection of all potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities, evaluate the risks associated with those weaknesses, and provide a set of recommendations and strategies to mitigate those risks.
Process Reviews Not all security risks are mired in technology. A significant amount of risk is generated based on the human element. The UISO can also help you review your department’s process and procedures for working with critical data. These reviews help to ensure that Loyola University Chicago’s sensitive data is being handled in a secure fashion.
Policy and Contract Reviews Having strong information security is important, and having the right set of policies to govern security procedures is just as important. The UISO can review existing policies or help draft new ones. Additionally, the UISO can review contracts with third parties to help protect the confidentiality of University data.
Third Party Reviews Vendor adaptation reviews are an assessment of a third party software product or service. The UISO can work with the vendor to ensure that their product or service is compliant with University security standards and is safe for use on our network.
Vulnerability Assessment Vulnerability assessments can be conducted to evaluate your application for weaknesses that can leave it open to attack.Various levels of assessment are available, from a general "knock on the door" to a full penetration test of a system.

To request one of these services from the UISO, please contact the ITS Service Desk at ITSServiceDesk@luc.edu or 773-508-4487.

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