Loyola University Chicago

Information Technology Services

VPMO Mission & Vision

The VPMO strives to deliver excellent services to enable Loyola students, faculty and staff to effectively manage projects.  In support of this objective, the VPMO provides:

  • Project Management methodology based on PMI's global standard.
  • Project Managers to guide projects through the complete project management life cycle.
  • Mentoring and guidance by project managers regarding project management best practices and actual project issues and strategies.
  • Templates and tools to foster a consistent and repeatable approach to project success.
  • An ongoing effort to improve project management processes and improve project success.

The VPMO will support Loyola University students, faculty and staff as a source of Project Management leadership and expertise for the entire University. We will maintain a website with project management templates and resources, which will be updated at least once a year.

We will support an adaptable approach to Project Management, recognizing that all projects are different and require flexibility to meet everyone’s needs. 

Our methodology will be PMBOK-based, but we will be recognized as supporting a “best fit” approach for project management at Loyola.

In everything we do, the VPMO will:

• Be approachable
• Be respectful of differing ideas and values
• Promote a culture where collaboration is a core value
• Nourish a positive and supportive environment
• Be passionate about project management
• Support the Mission and Vision of the University

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