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Project Management Templates

The LUC ITS VPMO Methodology is based on a "best fit" approach, meaning there are required documents for a project, suggested documents (if needed for a larger project), and there are informational documents to help run each phase. 

As of April 2017, the Project Document Checklist assists Loyola's ITS project lead's to use specific types of documentation to use on projects. If some documents are not used, there is a section to document why they are not being used so future teams can learn from those decisions. 

Below are column header definitions for clarity on the graph below:

  • Phase = Which stage you are in the overall project management process of the project.
  • Required = These templates should be used for most projects.
  • Suggested = These templates are in addition to the “required” templates to help with managing many unknowns, communications for larger groups, etc.
  • Informational = These templates or documents are available for use at the discretion of the Project Manager or Project lead.




Project Document Checklist

Project Scope

PM Menu of Services

Status Report

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Minutes


Executive Status

Staffing Commitment

Initial Project Plan

Initiation Phase Agenda

Initiation Phase Review

Sponsor Feedback Form

Project Kickoff Presentation

Project Roles and Responsibilities

Project Checklist


High-Level Project plan (MS Excel)

High-Level Project plan (MS Project) 


Functional Specs Doc

Communication Plan

Risk Management

Work Breakdown Structure

Comprehensive Project Plan

RACI Template

Action Item List


Stakeholder Registry

Planning Phase Review

Advanced Risk Management 

Planning Phase Kickoff Agenda

MS Project Tutorial




Deliverable Acceptance Form

Execution Phase Kickoff Agenda

Defect Log Template

Execution Phase Review  


Close-Out Questionnaire

Closeout Metrics Template


Project Feedback

Closeout Meeting Agenda

Project Closeout Report

Process Modification Recommendation

Closeout Phase Review

Project Closeout Presentation


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