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June 17, 2019 Newsletter

Dear Loyola Colleagues,

Information Technology Services is pleased to share exciting improvements coming to our Loyola University Chicago community. Please read on to learn more about technology changes from the Loyola Digital Experience Program. Several of these changes are planned to better protect the University community in the rapidly changing landscape of information security, including our new password repository and method for protecting online or downloadable forms that deal with sensitive data. Finally, don’t miss our popular Technology Tips and Tricks for June.

Loyola Digital Experience—Exchange Online Continued Migration
The migration of on-premise email to Microsoft Exchange Online is underway. We will continue to move individual email accounts over the next three weeks. Moves are not department specific, so not everyone within a department will move at the same time. Since our initial migration, we have received valuable feedback from individuals and have updated our communications and FAQ. Individuals will be contacted via email as to when they will move and what they should expect to see. For more information regarding what you will experience as part of the Exchange Online migration, please visit the Exchange Online website.

Loyola Digital Experience—Password Repository
Keep track of all your passwords safely and securely without writing them down. Arriving later this summer, all Loyola students, faculty, and staff will be offered a password management and repository tool called LastPass. Using this tool, you can store and manage passwords for all of your accounts easily, quickly, and securely. LastPass offers a collection of services and resources to take the burden of remembering passwords off of the user. Some of the benefits of this system include one easy place to save all credentials; a password generator that creates complex passwords to keep your accounts more secure; easy and secure password sharing for certain accounts with multiple users; and access across all platforms with support for all browsers, operating systems, and mobile devices.

Loyola Digital Experience—Multi-Factor Authentication
Similar to many web services we all use, Loyola is enhancing security related to accessing certain University services and applications. Beginning June 25, users of Loyola Secure Access (LSA) will be authenticating or logging into the system in a new way using Microsoft Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). After the change, users of LSA will be prompted for their UVID and network password and then for a second factor (such as a code texted to your mobile device) to authenticate fully.

See the MFA website for more information on setting up your MFA verification preferences. In addition, you may attend an Information Session offered by the University Information Security Office. ITS will announce as other applications are phased into MFA.

Loyola Digital Experience—Data Loss Protection and Information Protection
Loyola is adding additional data protection and information security improvements to safeguard the University’s protected and sensitive information and that of our students, faculty and staff. The Microsoft Azure Data Loss Protection (DLP) technology will assist the University with managing content being shared outside the University containing protected or sensitive information such as Social Security numbers or credit card numbers. Azure Information Protection (AIP) will help classify and protect documents and emails by applying labels. A label is associated with a document to allow document encryption, application of visual markings, or assigning other specific actions. For those seeking more information, see the DLP-AIP website.

New Protected Location for Instructions and Forms Containing Sensitive Data
Included in the information security improvements and to reduce the risks of data loss, Loyola will begin moving some of its documents and forms that deal with sensitive data to a more secure location. In the coming weeks, some of these forms on the HR and Finance webpages will be updated to require a Loyola login via UVID and password to access. This modification will ensure that only authorized personnel have access to the processes that specifically deal with sensitive information.

Technology Tips and Tricks
Add energy to your presentation with a web video.
Adding a video to your PowerPoint presentation is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Go to the online video and copy the URL.
  2. In PowerPoint, select Insert > Video > Online Video.
  3. Paste the URL, and then click the arrow to insert the video onto the slide.

Search Google
Ever find yourself reading something online, and you come across a word or term with which you are unfamiliar? In most browsers, you can right-click on a highlighted word and choose “Search Google” from the option menu. Your browser will open a new tab and show the search results for your highlighted item. Learning was never so fast and easy. We welcome your questions and comments regarding any of these updates. Please contact us at 773.508.4ITS or visit LUC.edu/its.


Susan M. Malisch
Vice President, Chief Information Officer


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