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Information Technology Services

September 17, 2019 Newsletter

Dear Loyola Colleagues,

Information Technology Services is pleased to share the latest exciting improvements coming to our Loyola University Chicago community. Please read on to learn more about technology changes from the Loyola Digital Experience (LDE) Program. Several of these changes will better protect the Loyola community in the rapidly changing landscape of information security and online

LDE Foundation—New Added Security at Login (Multi-Factor Authentication)
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) enhances information security by combining your traditional UVID and password with another credential for authentication, making it more difficult for hackers to compromise your account. Currently, MFA is only required if you use Loyola Secure Access (LSA). ITS is now piloting and testing MFA with other applications, with the plan to phase in MFA for more applications and services over time. Visit the MFA website for the latest updates.

LDE Foundation—Additional Protection for Sensitive Data Shared or Sent Using Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Azure Information Protection (AIP)
We safeguard both Loyola Protected Information and the sensitive information of our students, faculty, and staff with additional data protection and information security improvements using DLP and AIP. Both solutions will help protect sensitive information such as Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, and bank routing numbers from being shared outside of the University. DLP policies are being tested by data policy owners now and will be expanded gradually across Loyola. Visit the DLP-AIP website for more information.

LDE Foundation—Securely Store Your Passwords with LastPass
LastPass is a service that will securely store and manage account passwords, and takes the burden of remembering passwords off of the user. The benefits of this system include one easy place to save all credentials; a password generator that creates complex passwords to keep your accounts more secure; easy and secure password sharing that keeps everyone up to date; and synchronization across all platforms with support for all browsers, operating systems, and mobile devices. Coming this fall, Information Technology Services plans to roll out LastPass password management services to the Loyola community. You may have received a premature email message from this vendor; we assure you, it is coming.

LDE Transformation Phase—Digital Assistant Pilot
A Digital Assistant (aka Chatbot) is a computer program that simulates human conversation via textual methods. Supported by artificial intelligence, it understands the meaning of what was said or typed. It can look at the phrases but also understand what specific words mean in a certain context. A good digital assistant can help service requests move more efficiently during busy times and beyond normal office hours, and can even create personalized experiences for the user of the service.

This fall, Information Technology Services is conducting a pilot program to evaluate the use of Digital Assistants at Loyola. The pilot program will be conducted in three areas: ITS Helpdesk, Academic Advising, and the Bursar's Office. Based on the success of the program, we will look to expand the use and capabilities of digital assistants in the future.

Adobe Updates
If you use any Adobe products, it will be necessary to sign in with a Loyola UVID and password when editing or creating new Adobe files (PDFs, images, etc.). This change began in August in classrooms and will roll out later this fall for faculty and staff offices. It will not be necessary to sign in when simply opening or viewing an Adobe File (PDFs, images, etc.). In addition, Windows Edge is now the default application for viewing PDFs in classrooms. This is a change required by Adobe. See screenshots and review instructions at Adobe Creative Cloud Update.

Technology Tips and Tricks
Close Multiple Apps Fast on Your Mobile Device
Did you know you can close up to three iPhone apps at once? To do this, double-click your Home button to bring up a list of apps. Hold three fingers over the apps on your screen and swipe up. If you want to quickly close all the apps on your Android device, once again double-click the home button and choose the option to close all your recent apps. Note that only newer Android versions support this feature.

Narrow Your Google Search with Quotation Marks
If you're searching for something in Google but getting bogged down with irrelevant results, consider wrapping your query in quotes. By doing so, Google will only show results that exactly match what is within the quotes. It often makes it easier to find what you're looking for.

We welcome your questions and comments regarding any of these updates. Please contact us at 773.508.4ITS or visit LUC.edu/its


Susan M. Malisch
Vice President, Chief Information Officer