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Staying connected while traveling to other educational or research institutions is easy through Eduroam, a secure federated network service linking more than 5,500 locations worldwide. Eduroam—short for education roaming—allows Loyola students, faculty, and staff to use their LUC credentials to access wireless network hotspots while visiting other Eduroam-affiliated institutions.

Participating institutions include regional locations such as University of Illinois at Urbana, University of Chicago, Northwestern, and IIT, and several Jesuit schools in the US, including Boston College and Georgetown University. For a map of US-based affiliates, visit https://www.eduroam.us/eduroam_us_institutions. A full list of Institutions worldwide can be found at https://www.eduroam.org/?p=where.

Signing on while at a participating institution is often as easy as opening your wireless connections, choosing the Eduroam option that appears, and then entering your Loyola ID and password. We encourage Loyola users to test the connection before traveling, however, to verify that all settings are correct. Instructions are provided below.

Eduroam also provides network access at Loyola’s campuses for visitors from participating institutions without the need to obtain guest credentials.

More information about Eduroam is available at https://www.eduroam.org/.

Testing your Eduroam connection

  1. Open your wireless connections and select the Eduroam SSID.
  2. You should be prompted for a username and password. Enter your uvid@luc.edu and password. (Please note that you must enter your full address, including @luc.edu.)
  3. If this is your first time connecting, you will prompted to accept or download the eduroam certificate. This is a self-signed certificate used to ensure you’re connecting to the correct SSID. Once the certificate is accepted, you will be authenticated using your UVID and password.
  4. If successfully authenticated, you will be placed on the Eduroam wireless network. This network is limited to web browsing (i.e., you will not have access to student, faculty, or staff resources).
  5. Once you have successfully connected, you should disconnect and “forget” that network so that you can reconnect to Loyola’s standard wireless network.

Connecting while traveling

To connect via Eduroam while traveling, follow the steps above from the participant location.

Troubleshooting an Eduroam connection

  • Make sure the institution your visiting is a service provider. Eduroam allows two types of participants: Service Provider and Identity Provider. Loyola is both, which means our students, faculty, and staff can connect while at other participating institutions, and those from other participating institutions to connect while on our campuses. Those who serve as an Identity Provider only don’t offer the service to affiliates who are visiting their campuses. The list of US affiliates (https://www.eduroam.us/eduroam_us_institutions) includes this information.
  • Make sure your device is configured correctly. Most devices are set to connect without any configuration changes, but from time to time some devices may require manual configuration. Other institutions have tools that take care of this up for you, but Loyola does not currently provide this option. If you’re having difficulty connecting, check that your settings are as follows:

    EAP Method: PEAP or TTLS
    Authentication: MSCHAPV2
    Security Type: WPA2-Enterprise
    Data Encryption: AES
    E-mail Address

Getting help

If you have any questions while on campus or while visiting another institution, contact the Loyola Help Desk at 773.508.4487 or helpdesk@luc.edu. Colleagues visiting from other institutions should contact their own organizations if they need assistance connecting while at Loyola.

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