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Information Technology Services

Wireless FAQs

FAQ: After I authenticate at one campus, why must I “trust” another certificate when I go to another campus?

Each campus has its own certificate. When you travel to a different campus the certificate needs to be trusted. This will happen with certain devices but not every device needs have this trust re-established.


FAQ: When I change my password using the Password Self-Service, why do I get locked out of my mobile device when I try to log in?

When you change your UVID password you have to change your password on all your devices as well i.e. tablets, e-readers, smartphones, laptops, etc. What happens when you get locked out is that your previous password is still saved on those mobile devices and it needs to be updated with the new one. This is similar to when you have to change your password in your email on your devices.

Last Modified:   Wed, May 27, 2020 4:38 PM CDT