Loyola University Chicago

Latin American & Latino Studies


Faculty Profile: Professor David Beltran

Mr. Beltran

I am a native Chicagoan, whose path has included growing up in the southwest side of Chicago, spending my middle school years in a small town in Mexico, graduating from a Chicago Public High School, to obtaining my M.A, from Loyola University Chicago. My research has revolved around Latin-American, Spanish, Latino Literature, and Heritage language pedagogy. 

At Loyola, I teach a variety of Spanish courses ranging from Spanish101 to composition and conversation Spanish courses. I also teach a literature course focusing on Chicago Latina and Latino authors.

As a Loyola alum, coming back to campus as an instructor has been a feeling of coming home.

Faculty Profile: Dra. Natalia Valencia

Dra. Natalia Valencia, Feature Story

I’m a native Puerto Rican with a Brazilian swing in my step.
My experiences working with students, from grade-school to college, and my love for literature, travel and cultural learning, have happily lead me into the foreign language classroom.
At Loyola, I teach Spanish language courses at all levels as well as introduction to literature courses. I’m the faculty advisor for the Spanish Club and a mentor for the LUCES Program and the Dual Credit Enrollment Program. I’m also this year’s Director for the Spanish Summer Immersion Program in Córdoba, Spain. 
My current research focuses on teaching strategies for Hispanic literature courses. I’m interested in the relationship between learning and design, and how we can rethink the traditional classroom experience.
What I like most about being at Loyola is my time in the classroom with the students. I also really enjoy looking at the lake!