Loyola University Chicago

Latin American & Latino Studies

Spring 2021 Courses

Department of Anthropology (ANTH)

  • ANTH 102: Culture, Society, and Diversity, Dr. B. Penglase, Online.

  • ANTH 217: Mexican Culture and Heritage, Dra. R. Gromberg-Muñoz, Online.

Department of History (HIST)

  • HIST 210: Introduction to Latin American History, Dr. V. Padilla, Online.

  • HIST 378: Latina/o History, Dr. V. Padilla, Online.​ 

Department of Modern Languages & Literature

  • SPAN 352-001: Masterpieces of Latin American Literatures and Cultures, Dr. H. García Chávez, Online.

  • SPAN 352-002: Masterpieces of Latin American Literatures and Cultures, Dra. A. Rodríguez Navas, Online.

  • SPAN 397: Topics in Hispanic Literature - Visions of América, Dra. D. Heyck, Online.

Department of Sociology (SOCL)

  • SOCL 122-002: Race & Ethnic Relations, Dra. K. Navarrete, Online.

 Women's Studies & Gender Studies (WSGS)

  • WSGS 380: Masculinity Studies, Dr. H. García Chávez, Online