Loyola University Chicago

Latin American & Latino Studies

Spring 2022 Courses

Department of Anthropology (ANTH)

  • ANTH 102: Culture, Society, and Diversity, Dr. Ben Penglase

  • ANTH 217: Mexican Culture and Heritage, Dra. R. Gromberg-Muñoz

  • ANTH 242: Mesoamerican Archeology, Dr. Christopher Hernandez

  • ANTH 360: Mexican Gulf Coast Archaeology

Department of Communication (COMM)

  • COMM 324: TBD 

Department of Fine Arts (FNAR)

  •  FNAR 394: Special Topics in Art History:Latin American Art & Architecture

Department of History (HIST)

  • HIST 210: Introduction to Latin American History, Dr. Victor Padilla

  • HIST 355: The Carribean & Central American in Colonial/Modern Times, Dr. Victor Padilla

Department of Modern Languages & Literature

  • SPAN 272: Introduction to Spanish American Literature and Culture, Dr. Héctor García Chávez

  • SPAN 389: Latin American Short Story, Dr. Héctor García Chávez
  • SPAN 390: Latin American Culture & Civilization, Dra. D. Heyck, 

Department of Sociology (SOCL)

  • SOCL 122: Race & Ethnic Relation
  • SOCL 280: Topics in Contemporary Sociology (U.S. Immigration)