The key dates for the program are detailed in the PROLAW Academic Calendar.

Financial Support

PROLAW students come from developed countries as well as countries in transition or development. Loyola recognizes that because of the unique composition of PROLAW’s student body and the service-oriented nature of the rule of law profession, our students may have some unique financial challenges, and a number of scholarship opportunities exist for students from all countries. We welcome your inquiries at prolaw@luc.edu.

Prolaw tuition scholarships

Rule of Law Scholarship
PROLAW offers a limited number of tuition awards for exceptionally qualified students of any nationality, who demonstrate outstanding academic or professional merit, and financial need. All scholarships are partial tuition awards. 

Paul D. Coverdell Fellowships
Eligible applicants are returned Peace Corps Volunteers through the Paul D. Coverdell Fellows program. In order to be considered for the Coverdell Fellowship, applicants will need to submit their official Peace Corps Description of Service along with their application for admission. The Coverdell Fellows will be selected based on the relevance of their professional experience as Peace Corps Volunteers; their documented interest in pursuing a career in rule of law and development; and their academic records. Click here for more information.


For those attending the Rome immersion experience, PROLAW offers a limited number of awards to assist admitted students with expenses relating to housing, meals, health insurance and the Italian permit to stay. There are two categories of Rome Immersion Awards offered:

  • Meals Award: Awardees will be provided with vouchers to consume their daily meals at the facilities on campus for the duration of the Rome immersion experience. Students will furthermore have their required expenses for mandatory health insurance and permit to stay covered through a direct payment to Loyola’s vendors.
  • Meals & Lodging Award: Awardees will be provided with meal vouchers and lodging for the duration of the on-campus experience. Lodging is offered at a residence near campus and will consist of a studio residence with single or double occupancy (single twin beds), depending on availability. Students will furthermore have their required expenses for mandatory health insurance and permit to stay covered through a direct payment to Loyola’s vendors.

All admitted PROLAW students who demonstrate outstanding merit and financial need are welcome to apply. Awards will be prioritized by need. 

Financial Aid Programs for US Citizens and Permanent Residents

If you are a U.S. citizen and/or U.S. permanent resident, you may qualify for one of the different financial aid programs offered by the Loyola University Chicago, Please consult the webpages of the Loyola University Chicago Financial Aid Office for further details and contacts. Loyola offers numerous scholarship resources for veterans and military students, see further information here


Applicants seeking financial assistance should investigate funding sources in their home countries well in advance. Examples of potential funding sources include employers, government agencies, foundations and other organizations that provide resources for post-graduate studies and that promote strengthening of governance and the rule of law:

  • Investigate funding opportunities provided by employer;
  • Investigate funding opportunities provided by local government, usually accessible through the ministry for foreign affairs, the ministry of the interior or the ministry for education;
  • Investigate funding opportunities provided by the U.S. government, usually accessible through the local U.S. Embassy or Consulate; and
  • Investigate funding opportunities provided by international and local foundations and charities, as well as the student’s alma mater.

Estimated Rome Living Expenses

Loyola estimates that the basic monthly living expenses for the study period in Rome amount to EUR 1,160 (approximately US$ 1,400) as per table 1. The estimated monthly living expenses take into consideration rent of a single room in a shared private apartment close to campus, meals consumed at services on campus, and a monthly public transport card for the city of Rome. The estimate does not include costs for travel to and from Italy, visa, application, study supplies or any unforeseen or personal expenses. The actual amount you will need depends on your personal circumstances and expectations.

Table 1. Estimated basic monthly living expenses in Rome

Living Expense Item

Estimated Monthly Cost (EUR)

Rent 550
Meals 575
Local Transport 35
TOTAL  EUR 1,160


Loyola has much experience and a well-developed distance learning infrastructure which the School of Law uses in several of its graduate law programs. All online classes are offered through Sakai, Loyola University Chicago’s highly interactive, collaborative online learning environment.


To accommodate PROLAW students worldwide, the curriculum is accessible 24/7 from any part of the globe. Faculty use Sakai to post course materials, facilitate discussion between students via electronic message boards, and administer tests and quizzes remotely. Students complete writing assignments and other coursework similar to that required in a campus-based program, but with the convenience of submitting their work online. Students can schedule their studies at a time and place convenient to them.

Professor feedback is critical to this method. Opportunities for student-student exchange and professor interaction is built into the system through various platforms.


Loyola University Chicago’s Instructional Technology and Research Support group provides a number of tutorials and resources for Sakai and other technology available to students - see the Loyola New Students Technology Roadmap. The short videos or PDF’s will orient you to various Loyola systems you will use as a Graduate student at Loyola. Be sure to review and get well acquainted with the various tech tools at your disposal before the start of classes.

Students can access the University’s Information Technology Support Help Desk for individual support using these resources.

New Student e-Bulletin

The New Student e-Bulletin provides admitted students with information on course registration and other details essential to preparing for the start of the upcoming academic year.

PROLAW Student e-Bulletin

Additional resources


PROLAW provides support to students in their efforts to secure internships and career opportunities as advisers, implementers or researchers relating to both national and international initiatives and projects aimed at advancing the rule of law. Students are encouraged to consult with PROLAW staff to receive assistance in determining their goals as well as consulting the PROLAW GUIDE TO CAREERS IN RULE OF LAW FOR DEVELOPMENT made available to them.

Students also have access to the tools and resources made available by Office of Career Services at Loyola University Chicago School of Law.


Our global community of graduates, over 200 professionals in 60 countries, are now back home or working internationally in the effort to make the rule of law a pillar in the promotion of development and international peace. Visit our PROLAW Alumni Database to see how our graduates have put their expertise to work and are impacting the rule of law field.

The PROLAW Alumni Mentoring Program connects PROLAW alumni with current students to create an informal support network which focuses on the personal and professional development of students and provides a rewarding volunteer experience for alumni.

Need to speak with a member of the PROLAW team? Students can email us at prolaw@luc.edu.