The Dual Degree program admissions are being paused for this year. We are not accepting applications for the Fall 2022 or Spring 2023 deadline, but may resume for Fall 2023. Please connect with us next fall if you are interested in applying.

Understanding child development and growth goes hand-in-hand with advocating for children and families. Loyola University Chicago partnership with the Erikson Institute offers you a unique opportunity to earn the Master of Jurisprudence (MJ) in Child Law while pursuing the MS in Child Development.


You will work with your advisors to plot your course sequence based on admission time, career goals, and course availability. You can plan your schedule with your advisors using the degree planning worksheet.

Year One

Fall Semester

6 credits at Erikson:

  • Social and Emotional Development I: Infancy and Childhood
  • Research Methods
  • Group Advising

Spring Semester

9 credits at Erikson:

  • Social and Emotional Development II: Early Adolescence through Adulthood
  • Family and Culture
  • Physical Growth and Development
  • Group Advising

Summer Semester

4 credits at Erikson

  • Adult Education and Supervision
  • Assessment Elective

Year Two

Fall Semester

3 credits at Erikson

  • Cognitive Development
  • Group Advising

4 credits at Loyola:

  • Introduction to the Study of Law and the Legal System
  • Children’s Law Policy and Practice

Spring Semester

3 credits at Erikson:

  • Language Development
  • Group Advising

4 credits of elective Loyola coursework

Summer Semester

4 credits at Loyola

  • Summer Institute: Children’s Summer Institute
  • Leadership Development

Year Three

Fall Semester

5 credits at Erikson

  • Internship I
  • Integrative Seminar I

4 credits of elective Loyola coursework

Spring Semester

8 credits at Erikson:

  • Social and Historical Perspectives on Early Care and Education
  • Internship II
  • Integrative Seminar II

Degree Requirements

To earn a dual MJ/MS in Child Development, you must complete 38 credits in the Erikson MS in Child Development program and 18 credits in Loyola’s MJ in Child Law program over 3 years.


Applicants for the dual MJ/MS in Child Development program should apply separately for admission to both the School of Law and the Erikson Institute MS in Child Development.

Tuition and Fees

Loyola University Chicago and the Erikson Institute are committed to helping students secure the necessary financial resources to make their education affordable. As part of this dual degree program, you will apply for financial aid through the Erikson Institute Office of Financial Aid.  You may use your financial aid to pay tuition at each institution, which will be billed separately.


Should I apply to both Loyola and Erikson to be considered for the program?

Yes, students seeking the dual degree Master of Science in Child Development with an MJ degree in Children’s Law and Policy must submit separate applications to each school—one to. To apply for the MS in Child Development at Erikson and one to Loyola.

May I enroll in the dual degree if I am already an Erikson MS in Child Development student?

Yes! You can apply to add the MJ degree if you are already enrolled at Erikson, and if you graduated with the MS degree in the past five years.

Is the application process the same if I am only seeking the Children’s Law and Policy Specialization?

No, if you are only seeking the Specialization in Children’s Law and Policy, you only need to submit an online application with Loyola University Chicago and request for Erikson’s Registrar to send your transcripts they have on record to Loyola at Gradapp@luc.edu. You will also need to indicate you are seeking the Erikson MS with a Children’s Law and Policy Specialization on the online application.

May I apply for financial aid with Loyola University?

Your financial aid package will remain with the Erikson Institute. You can speak with the Erikson Office of Financial Aid if you have questions about the process.

Will I receive a degree/diploma from Loyola?

If you are a dual degree student, you will receive a degree from both Loyola University Chicago and the Erikson Institute. If you are seeking the Specialization, your degree will only be conferred from the Erikson Institute.