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Externship Overview - Loyola Externship Program: Intensive Field Placements

The Loyola Externship Program is designed to provide students with practical experience under the supervision of a judge or attorney and a supervising attorney from the School of Law. This program provides students with the opportunity to develop practice ready and problem solving skills while working at an approved field placement outside of the classroom. The extern experience is one way that a student may earn experiential learning credit. This experience will fulfill the live-client requirement.

Students may select from a variety of externship opportunities. Students may earn 2 or 3 hours of academic credit per semester.  A student may earn up to 8 hours of academic credit after completion of all required first year course work. Students who have secured an externship field placement are also required to enroll in an extern seminar course. This course has been designed to complement the field work performed by the student. This course incorporates and emphasizes professional responsibility and ethics in all classroom assignments and activities.


Externship field placement opportunities are available to law students who have successfully completed required course work during their first year of law school. Certain approved sites may also have additional requirements which must be adhered to in order to apply to the site and to qualify for the externship field placement.

Externship Application Process:

The School of Law makes every effort to assist students throughout the school year in obtaining appropriate and approved externships. Information sessions, both group and individual are offered by Clinical Assistant Professor and Director of Experiential Learning Josie M. Gough each semester. During those sessions, students have the opportunity to learn about the various externship opportunities that are available to students, as well as the application process. A list of approved extern sites is included below, along with the internal School of Law internal application and Field Supervisor’s Participation Agreement. In most cases, students will contact the approved sites on their own. Contact information is included on the list of approved sites. Students should also monitor law school announcements and this website for new externship opportunities as they become available.

Academic Credit:

Students are expected to work at their extern field placement site a minimum of 110 hours in order to earn 2 academic credit hours and a minimum of 165 hours for 3 academic credit hours. The extern seminar course will be graded pass/fail.  Additional information, including course descriptions of the various field placements may be found on the law school’s website: http://www.luc.edu/law/academics/experientiallearning/


Students please make sure you have registered for the externship course on locus using the code number for the category of your placement and the course instructor. For Professor Gough’s class, please sign on to her summer externship twen page. Review the syllabus and schedule. Please sign up for the first individual meeting with her using the sign-up sheets provided. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.



Please also see all listings under the heading Approved Sites and new opportunities listed daily in the Law School Announcements.


Conflicts Policy-Circuit Court of Cook County Illinois

Students working in chambers for a state court judge (Circuit Court of Cook County) will need to disclose whether they also will be working or intend to work in any other legal capacity to the judge and law school. Students may not work in other legal capacity while working as an extern for a state court judge. This is a directive from the Office of the Chief Judge for the Circuit Court of Cook County. Conflicts should be disclosed in all cases with prospective supervisors.  Certain federal court district court and magistrate judges may also have similar policies in place.  It is important that you disclose this information.

Field placements at approved sites in the category of Education Law will no longer be offered through the Externship Program.  Field placements and related opportunities will instead be offered solely through the Education Law Practicum.  More information about the Education Law Practicum and the placement sites available can be found here.

For additional information please contact Professor Miranda Johnson at mjohnson11@luc.edu