Loyola Law Journal

The Loyola University Chicago Law Journal is the law school's primary scholarly publication that is distributed throughout the nation's law libraries, judges' chambers, and other various legal organizations. Published continuously since 1970, the Law Journal is committed both to the examination and analysis of current legal issues and problems and to the development of the law. The Law Journal is edited and managed entirely by students and publishes the work of distinguished writers, including academics, practitioners, and judges. The Law Journal also publishes student-written notes and comments.

Volume 50 of the Law Journal consists of four issues during the 2018-2019 academic year. The first issue contains articles focusing on the impact of John Courtney Murray upon the Catholic Church as well as the Catholic Church's impact upon America's legal system. It also features one article about preliminary merits inquiries in class actions and another about individualized due process when transferring juveniles to adult criminal court. Issue Two spotlights articles from our 2018 symposium: "The Future of Legal Scholarship." Issue Three contains articles stemming from Loyola's Institute for Investor Protection's symposium "Lehman 10 Years Later: Lessons Learned?" as well as featuring an article about smart contracts and their implications. Issue Four contains articles looking at the 50 years since the events that resulted in the Chicago 8 trials and examines how judges' roles in trials have evolved since that time. And, to celebrate the Law Journal's 50th anniversary, each issue will contain short essays from past editors in chief which reflect on their time leading the Journal.

The Law Journal is also holding its annual symposium at the law school on April 5, 2019. This year, the symposium is entitled "Democracy in America: The Promise and the Perils." It will feature conversations about civic literacy, partisan gerrymandering, the transfer of legislative power from the legislative branch to the executive, and the extent of the executive branch's war powers. Erwin Chemerinsky will be keynote speaking, as well.

Finally, to celebrate our Journal's 50th Anniversary, all past Journal members are invited to the law school for a reception and remarks beginning at 5:00 p.m. on February 21st. More information will be sent via mail and email.

The Law Journal is pleased to make available articles from Volume 50.  All citations are to 50 Loy. U. Chi. L.J. ___.