Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

Volume 14, Issue 1

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Kiran Mehta 1


Justice Ginsburg's Struggle to Preserve her Legacy

Daniel Koen 10


Trying to Protect Elderly and Mentally Incompetent Homeowners: One Tax Deed Case at a Time

Chantal Kazay 20 Legal Rights Group Takes Illinois State Police to Court...The Charge: Criminal Contempt of Court for Failure to Seal Court Ordered Criminal Records
Susan Poll-Klaessy 25 The Role of Attorney Ethics and Witness Misidentification in the 26 Year Incarceration of an Innocent Man
Bill Tasch 31


YouTube Viewers Become Unwitting Players in Google-Viacom Litigation

Elizabeth Nelson 41 Race, Louisville, and Class-Based School Assignment: Could It Happen in Chicago?
Nigel D. Graham 46 Opponents of Private School Voucher Programs Litigate at State Level: Florida Supreme Court Decides Ford v. Browning
Jay H. Rowell 53 Still Separate and Unequal: Illinois Education Funding
Jason Lewis 60


Military Symbolism or Religious Preference? The Mount Soledad Cross Controversy

Danielle Luisi 68 Supreme Court Strikes Down D.C. Handgun Ordinance: Will Chicago Follow Suit?
Melissa A. Beckman 74


No Longer a Safe Haven for Torturers: The United States Makes Its First Successful Prosecution under the Torture Statute

Clay Rehrig 83 Texas Defies President Bush, International Law by Executive Mexican National
Jeremy Moorehouse 88 Due Process Rights in Removal Proceedings: ICE Raids and the True Price of Border Security
Ana Maria Echiburu 93 Immigration Raid Results in Charges Filed Against Iowa Slaughterhouse for Child Labor Violations
Matthew T. Glavin 99


Combating Terrorism: Will Civil Penalties Help Win the War on Terror?

Christina Laga 109 Lawsuits Over Tainted Heparin Manufactured in China: Is the FDA Becoming the Global Healthcare Authority?
Jessica Lienau 115 Jungle Litigations: Will the Victims of the Oil Contamination in Ecuador Ever Recover?