Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

Volume 15, Issue 1

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Ian Barney 1


Medical Malpractice Reform: A Silver Bullet for the Health Care Crisis?

Ann Weilbaecher 10


Can Patent Protections Trample Civil Liberties? The ACLU Challenges the Patentability of Breast Cancer Genes

Christina McMahon 21 Mandatory Use of E-Verify by Federal Contractors: Benefits, Burdens, and Implications
Tim Reeb 26 The Role of Foreign Students in the Future of U.S. Science and Technology Industries
Chantal Kazay 31 Can the CFTC and SEC Work Together to Prevent Another Madoff?
Brian Patient 37 U.S. to Aid in Fight against Iran's Internet Censorship
Jeff McDonald 42


The Oldest Profession Finds a New Medium: Craigslist and the Sex Industry

Ellen Westley 52


Making the Cut: Jobs, Programs and Services for Individuals with Disabilities Eliminated by 2010 Budget in Illinois

Susie Bucaro 62 A Time Out or a Knock Out: Has the Use of Restraint Against Students with Disabilities Become a Form of Corporal Punishment?
Bill Schramm 68 Ricci v. Destefano: Disparate Impact and Title VII Implications on Employment
Amber Battin 74 The Revival of New Source Review Provisions under the Clean Air Act:Midwest Generation Litigation
Valerie Uribe 79 Congressional Restrictions on Legal Aid Attorneys: Burdensome or Necessary?
Brittany Kubes 83 Kirk v. Arnold: The Transformation of Transgender Birth Certificate Requirements in Illinois