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Please be advised that the start/end dates of a semester are subject to change until the final schedule is posted on LOCUS by the University Registrar.

Spring 2018 Calendar

December 27-January 12 London Comparative Advocacy Program
January 6-13 Trial Practice I Intensive/ChildLaw Trial Practice Intensive/ Advanced Trial Practice
January 13 First Saturday Classes
January 13-22 LATE/CHANGE REGISTRATION-Last day to add or withdraw from a class with "EC" (Erase Course)
January 15 Martin Luther King Holiday- No Classes, Offices Closed
January 16 First Tuesday Classes
January 17 First Wednesday Class
January 18 First Thursday Class
January 19 First Friday Class
January 19-21 First Weekend Class
January 22 First Monday Class
February 9 Last day to withdraw from a class with the grade of "W"
February 12-16 Prospective Fall 2018 Juris Doctor Graduates file for graduation
February 15 DEADLINE: Illinois Bar Exam July Application (3L/4L only)
February 21 Summer Registration: LLM,MJ,and SJD, Current 2nd/3rd year FT/PT JD (Prospective 3L/4L FT/PT)
February 22 Summer Registration: Current 1st-year FT/PT JD (Prospective 2L FT/PT)
February 23 Summer Registration: All Others (Transfer and Visiting)
March 5-11 SPRING BREAK-No Classes
March 12 Classes Resume
March 19 Fall Registration: LLM, MJ, and SJD; Current 2nd/3rd-year PT JD (Prospective 3L/4L PT) 
March 20 Fall Registration: Current 2nd-year FT JD (Prospective 3L FT) 
March 21 Fall Registration: Current 1st-year PT JD (Prospective 2L PT)
March 22 Fall Registration: Current 1st-year PT JD (Prospective 2L FT) 
March 22 Fall Registration: Current 1st-year FT JD (Prospective 2L FT) 
March 23 Fall Registration: All Others (Transfer and Visiting) 
TBA Last day to withdraw from Study abroad programs without a “W” and receive partial refund. 
March 30 No Classes, Offices Closed-Good Friday
March 31 No Classes- Holy Saturday 
April 21 Criminal Law Exam
April 21-22 Last Weekend Classes
April 24 Last Tuesday Classes 
April 25 Last Wednesday Classes 
April 26 Last Thursday Classes 
April 28 Last Saturday Classes
April 28-29 Weekend Makeup Day
April 30 Last Monday Classes 
April 30-May 1 Study/Makeup Day
May 1 Last Friday Classes 
May 2-10 Final Examinations 
May TBA Commencement Ceremony 
May 28 Memorial Day-No Classes, Offices Closed 
June 1  All lockers must be cleaned out. Remaining contents will be discarded