Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

First Class Assignments for Spring 2018 Semester

Bruce Boyer

Title/s: Criminal Law

Office #: (Law 140-001) M W 10:30-12:00



Welcome back and I look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday, January 17, at 10:30 in room 1303.  We will be using Dressler and Garvey, Cases and Materials on Criminal Law (7th ed. 2016). The book is available both in hard copy and, for a modest additional cost (through www.casebookplus.com), in an electronic format with a variety of supporting materials.  While it is not required, I also recommend Joshua Dressler’s Understanding Criminal Law (7th Ed).  You should also sign up for the TWEN web site, where you will find a full syllabus. Our first two classes will cover pages 1-14, 19-29 (class 1) and 31-64 (class 2).  Please review these materials carefully prior to class.