Loyola University Chicago

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Courses A - C

197: Advanced Business Organizations, Including a Comparative Perspective

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This course focuses on U.S. corporate law and governance. It begins with an introduction to the different legal issues encountered in business entities across jurisdictions: agency problems between (1) directors and shareholders, (2) majority and minority shareholders, and (3) shareholders and other stakeholders (employees, creditors, the State, etc). It then turns to the three agency problems as they arise in private or publicly held corporations. This covers the questions of allocation of powers between shareholders and the board, directors’ elections, executive compensation (say-on-pay), self-dealing transactions, going private transactions, insider trading, mergers and acquisitions, fiduciary duties and participation of other stakeholders in the corporate governance. For each topic, we will define the legal issues involved and examine how U.S. statutory and case law respond to them. We will also take a comparative perspective to analyze how other jurisdictions respond to the same legal issues. The comparison will thus provide students with a better understanding of American law of corporations. The course covers the most recent legislative and regulatory initiatives as well as the most recent case law pertaining to Corporate Governance. -(AL Champetier de Ribes)