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293: Advanced Writing for Legal Practice: SEC Enforcement Actions and Criminal Prosecutions of White-Collar Crime

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Rigorous Writing


This course will focus on the legal and practical issues arising from SEC Enforcement actions and parallel DOJ criminal investigations and prosecutions, with a focus on advanced legal writing. Subject areas will include: the role of the SEC in enforcing compliance with the federal securities laws; investigative tools and techniques; common types of securities fraud investigations; remedies available to the SEC; the preparation for and filing of an SEC Enforcement case in federal district court; current issues and cases relating to SEC Enforcement; and parallel DOJ criminal prosecutions of white collar crime. Students are not required or expected to have taken any securities classes prior to enrolling.  Students will be required, among other things, to draft a complaint alleging securities fraud, research and draft a brief in support of a motion for summary judgment, conduct a deposition, make a presentation to the class, discuss reading assignments in class, and actively participate in class discussions.