Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

Courses A - C

139: The Art of In-House Legal Counseling

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This course will introduce students to the evolving history, roles and responsibilities of in-house legal counsel. Students will investigate the skills and characteristics that contribute to successful and effective practice as an in-house counsel and explore the similarities and differences between in-house legal practice and outside legal practice. Topics covered during the course will include: the relationship between in-house counsel and his/her client; in-house counsel's role in adding value to his/her organization; advising and counseling clients; fact gathering and investigation; managing an in-house legal practice; selecting and managing outside counsel; and the ethical challenges of in-house counsel. This will be a hands-on course focused on practice skills development. In role plays, students will step into the shoes of in-house counsel to address a variety of situations in which an in-house counsel would be expected to act. Students also will observe experienced, practicing in-house counsel address similar situations and analyze the factors and considerations that contribute to effectively addressing the situations. Students will be expected to regularly attend and participate in class. There will not be a final examination in this course. Students will be evaluated on the basis of a final project (which will involve a class presentation and a written assignment or assignments) and class participation. (Slaughter)