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330: Remedies

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This course examines what courts, including juries, have the power to do in civil cases once a litigant shows he or she has been legally wronged or is threatened with legal wrong. The subject matter of Remedies, now a required subject of inquiry on most state bar examinations, is very broad, meaning, in part, that it draws on many topics of legal study. Constitutional Law, Torts, Contracts, and Federal Civil Procedure, in particular, bear directly on the subject matter of the course. Remedies is therefore sometimes called a “capstone course,” because it provides students an opportunity to bring together what they have learned in other courses on substantive and procedural law. One important component of the course is review problem sets (problems similar to examination questions and often presaging them) that are discussed in class. Another is an emphasis on how the remedial issues that become the subject of appellate opinions arise in the first instance, and are presented and play out at the trial court level. Open to all second and third year students.