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Estates and Estate Planning

476: Art Law

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Experiential Learning 


Art Law is a study of the main legal issues involved in the acquisition, ownership and disposition of works of art. The primary perspective is that of an attorney in the representation of an art collector, and how the transactional arc involves regular concerns, such as contract law, as well as art specific concerns, such as Nazi-era looted art. Part I Acquisition begins with a focus on the legal issues raised by the various venues for art purchases (art commissions, through a dealer, at auction) and follows with the two core issues of authenticity and good title. Part II Ownership concerns three topics that could arise during the ownership phase: crossing borders, moral rights and art loans. Part III Disposition completes the transactional loop with a discussion of how one transfers works of art during life or at death, whether by sale or gratuitous transfers, including valuation concerns. The course will include several drafting exercises (some of which will be done in teams) and a one-hour in-class final. (Rhodes)