Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

Intellectual Property and Technology Law

417: Advanced Business Transactions & Negotiation

Credit Hours




This course is structured around a semester-long, simulated negotiation exercise in which the students in this class will represent a multi-national pharmaceutical company (KJH Pharmaceutical Corporation) and the students in a similar class at Georgetown University Law School will represent an African agricultural production company (Malundian Cassava Corporation). The two companies are interested in working together to exploit a new technology developed by KJH Pharmaceutical that uses the cassava produced by Malundian Cassava Corporation. The form of their collaboration could be a joint venture, a licensing agreement or a long term supply contract. The negotiations will take place through written exchanges and through live negotiation via videoconferencing. Substantive law issues related to the transaction, as well as negotiations strategy and related issues, will be addressed in this class.

The goals of this course are (i) to introduce students to transactional law, (ii) to provide negotiations training in the context of transactional practice, and (iii) to further practical legal skills. The focus is on having students apply their legal and non-legal knowledge in the context of serving as a lawyer negotiating an international business transaction within the controlled environment of the classroom.

The thrust of this course is class participation and active