Loyola University Chicago

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International and Comparative Law

180: Comparative Consumer Law

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Perspective Elective

This course will be taught by Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, assisted by Dean Jean Gaspardo.  The Attorney General is the state's chief legal officer and is responsible for protecting the public interest of the state and its people through advocacy, legislating, and litigating. Protecting consumers and businesses that have been victimized by fraud, deception or unfair competition is one of the primary functions of the Attorney General.  Her office receives 25,000 consumer complaints each year. In her many years of service since 2003, Attorney General Madigan has gained a solid, national reputation for prosecuting offenders perpetrating fraud against Illinois consumers.  Most recently, she paired with a couple of other mid-west states Attorney Generals to prosecute the many big banks [“too big to fail”] for their predatory lending tactics, recovering billions of dollars.  The course will focus on Consumer Law, including the role of the state in enforcing legislation protecting consumers. The course will also address the role of private remedies in compensating victims of consumer fraud and abuse.  The statutory and common law protections for consumers, under Illinois law will be compared with the consumer protection regimes in Italy and in other countries. (Madigan, Gaspardo)